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Shop-Vac 9068500 Conversion Unit Shop-Vac 9061600 Crevice Tool Shop-Vac 9061900 Gulper Tool
Allows 2-1/2" diameter hose to fit accessories with 1-1/4" diameter hose connections. Convert 2.5 inch hose end to use 1.25" accessories. For hard to reach areas, car interiors, and radiators. Shop-Vac Gulper Tool, Suitable For Use With: 1-1/4 in Hose, Plastic, Black, For Cleaning Vehicle Interiors
NOZZLE FLOOR 1-1/2X6IN        TOOL CREVICE 1-1/2IN          ADAPTER 1-1/2IN TO 1-1/4IN
Durable poly pro plastic crevice tool is great for those hard to reach spaces. Includes an adapter to use with 1-1/4" hose. 1-1/4" to 1-1/2" conversion unit allows the use of 1-1/2" accessories with a 1-1/4" diameter hose.
NOZZLE UTILITY 1-1/2IN        Shop-Vac 9067900 Round Right Angle Brush BRUSH ROUND BLACK1-1/2IN
Ideal for cleaning workbenches, vehicle interiors and other small spaces. Designed for use on all irregular surfaces such as venetian blinds and is angled and shaped for your comfort when cleaning such areas. Connect the 'Right Angle Brush' directly to any hose with a 2-1/2 inch opening. Durable poly pro plastic round brush for delicate surfaces. Includes adapter to use with 1-1/4" hose.
Shop-Vac 9061500 Round Brush Shop-Vac 9068700 Tool Adapter NOZZLE FLOOR 1-1/2X12IN
For dirt, furniture, sawdust, and venetian blinds. Universal fitting allows for connection between dust port of power tool and vacuum. Flexible rubber adapter can be easily modified from 1 inch to 2-1/2 inches to fit virtually any power tool. Floor nozzle with 1-1/4" adaptor is good for all-purpose floor cleaning. Works with 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameter extension wands.
Shop-Vac 9062100 Combination Floor Nozzle Shop-Vac 9067500 Utility Nozzle Shop-Vac 9067800 Crevice Tool
For all-purpose cleaning; wet or dry. Utility nozzle fits any vacuum that uses 2-1/2" diameter accessories. 8" across bottom and 6" in height. For hard to reach areas, car interiors, and radiators.
NOZZLE SQUEEGEE 1-1/2X10IN    Shop-Vac 9061400 Extension Wand Set WAND EXTENSION 1-1/2IN
Floor nozzle with 1-1/4" adaptor is good for all-purpose floor cleaning. Works with 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameter extension wands. Shop-Vac Extension Wand Set, 1-1/4 in Hose, 40 in Length, 3 Pieces, Plastic, Black Provides longer reach for easier cleaning. For use with 1.5" diameter hoses.
Shop-Vac 9196100 Claw Utility Nozzle Shop-Vac 9064300 Household Cleaning Kit Shop-Vac 9067700 Floor Nozzle
For wet and dry messes. For vehicle interiors, boats, and campers. Use with 1-1/4" - 1-1/2" hoses, can also be used with 2-1/2" hoses with conversion unit in place. Used for above the floor cleaning. One each round dusting brush, crevice tool, and utility nozzle. Shop-Vac Floor Nozzle, Suitable For Use With: 2-1/2 in Hose, 14 in Width, Plastic, Black
Shop-Vac 8018900 Micro Cleaning Kit Shop-Vac 9068400 Extension Wand Set NOZZLE DUAL SURFACE 1-1/2IN
Removes dirt and dust from those hard-to-reach places. Ideal for computer keyboards, stereos, car dashboards, etc. Includes one each: straight wand, curved wand, crevice tool, round brush, oval brush, and 1-1/4" adapter included. Shop-Vac Extension Wand Set, 2-1/2 in Hose, 40 in Length, 2 Pieces, Plastic, Black Multi-purpose floor nozzle includes settings for carpet and bare floors. Works with 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" diameter extension wands. Includes 1-1/4" diameter adaptor.
Shop-Vac 9066500 Floor Nozzle Shop-Vac 9051200 Vacuum Hose Shop-Vac 9050300 Vacuum Hose
For all purpose cleaning, wet or dry.  Squeegee insert for wet pickup. Brush insert for dry clean up. Swivel elbow for hard to reach places. Includes hose ends for LockOn and friction tank inlets. Includes hose ends to fit LockOn and friction fit tank inlets.
Shop-Vac 8017800 Dry Pickup Kit
One each 6' x 2-1/2" hose, utility nozzle, and 2 each 40" extension wands.