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Mintcraft TPG-ACR250PSI3L Portable Air Compressor BellAire 30500-8 Portable Tire Inflator TIRE INFLATOR W/GAUGE-LIGHT
Designed to operate from a car cigarette lighter. Inflates car tires, bike tires, beach balls, footballs and other recreational equipment.  Specs: 12V, 9-amp working current. Pressure gauge and inflation accessories included. Inflator with power button, dial pressure gauge and LED work light. LED work light turns on when inflator unit is plugged into vehicle 12 volt cigarette lighter socket. Replaceable fuse provides maximum protection for the inflator and vehicle. Portable, 10 minute fill time, with 10 foot power cord, 4 inch air hose with twist on nozzle. Includes raft adapter and inflator needle kit and storage/carry bag. Compact tire inflator comes with an LED light for night time repairs. Inflates a compact tire in 8 minutes. 12V accessory power. Built in dial gauge, LED light, On/off button and 300cm power cord with 15 amp fuse. 60cm air hose. Dial gauge 0-100PSI. Black inflation nozzle and ball needle.
TIRE INFLATOR DIGITAL 12V     BellAire 33000-8 Portable Programmable Tire Inflator TIRE INFLATOR HEAVY DUTY
Set the desired pressure level and press the on button. When the set pressure is reached the inflator automatically shuts off. 12V accessory power. Bright LED light, Inflate Right technology. Inflates a mid-sized car tire in 6 minutes. Rubberized feet provide stability during use. 12' (3.65m) total reach. CFM: .565, LPM: 16, 15 amp. Portable, fast 5 minute fill time, 12 volt with 10 foot power cord, 2 foot air hose with twist on nozzle and bleeder valve, dial pressure gauge with auto shut-off, flexible LED work light, raft adapter and sports ball needle. Heavy-duty inflator for 4?4, SUV and truck applications. It includes a direct drive motor and thermal break feature to prevent overheating. It also includes a bright LED light for night time emergencies. 3 min inflation time for standard tires. 12V accessory power, in-line dial gauge, 0-150psi. 26' total reach. Canvas carrying bag, Green coil air hose 490cm in length with twist disconnect. Air hose 83cm with twist connect. On/off switch. 1.23cfm average. 15 amp maximum, 10-15 volts.
Inflates a standard tire in 4 minutes. Includes a tread depth gauge, tire gauge, valve caps, and accessory adapters. 120 volt. Includes a wall mounting bracket, an easy grab handle and a plastic case for accessories. 29.5" air hose 67" power cord. 0-150 PSI mounted dial gauge. Thermal break safety feature. Dual piston motor inflates a standard car tire in 2 minutes. Direct drive motor and thermal break feature to prevent overheating. Alligator clip power adapter, 244cm. In-line dial gauge 0-150psi. Bright LED light. On/Off switch. CFM: 1.9 cfm average. 22A max current, 10-15 volts. Heavy-duty rigid case. Cordless and rechargeable for tires and rafts, 12' total reach. Inflation time is 6 minutes for a standard tire and mattress inflation time is 1 minute. 12V accessory power. 2 motors, high-pressure for tires and high-volume for rafts and mattresses. Bright LED light. Built-in cup holders. Built in digital gauge with green back lit screen 0-100PSI and inflate-Right: Automatically shuts off when set pressure is reached. Weather resistant. Braided black air hose 55cm. Includes twist disconnect. Recharge by 12V accessory or 120V wall outlet.