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MSA 10072982 Ear Plug With Case MSA 10024864 Ear Plug With Corded Tekk Protection Classic Earplug
MSA Ear Plug, Foam, MSA, 31 dB NRR, ANSI S3.19-1974, With Case, Alternate P/N 818074, Used in Mowing/Trimming Lawn, Power Tool Use, Traffic and Office Noise or Sleeping in Noisy Rooms Safety Works Ear Plug, Soft Rubber, MSA, 23 dB NRR, Includes: Carrying Case, ANSI S3.19-1974, Used in Mowing/Trimming Lawn, Power Tool Use, Traffic and Office Noise or Sleeping in Noisy Rooms Tekk Protection Earplug, Disposable, Series: Classic, 29 dB NRR, Foam, Orange
Tekk Protection 92050-00000T Earplug Tri-Flange 90586-00000 Reusable Ear Plug With Corded MSA 818070 Band Reusable Ear Plug
Self-adjusting foam provides low pressure with attenuation dermatological safe foam non-irritating to the skin. Tri-Flange Ear Plug, Reusable, Tri-Flange, 25 dB NRR, Includes: Reusable Storage Container, ANSI S3.19-1974, NRR 21, Used in Swimming, Operating Heavy Machinery, Power Tools, Target Practice and Sleeping MSA Ear Plug, Band, Reusable, Silicone Rubber, MSA, 23 dB NRR, 3 ft Length Cord, Green, Includes: Unique Super Soft Gel Pods, ANSI S3.19-1974, OSHA Approved, Used in Mowing/Trimming Lawn, Power Tool Use, Traffic and Office Noise or Sleeping in Noisy Rooms
3M 90537-80025T Band Style Hearing Protector MSA 1033236 Adjustable Foldable Ear Muff EARMUFF FOLDING BLACK
3M Band Style Hearing Protector, 28 dB NRR, Orange, AS/NZS 1270 Compliant, Used to Help Protect Ears Against Noises at or Exceeding 85 dB MSA Ear Muff, Adjustable, Foldable, PVC, MSA, 20 dB NRR, ANSI S3.19-1974, OSHA Specified, Alternate P/N 10033236 Reusable hearing protection; features black cups; comfortable and lightweight; padded cups for comfort; compatible with earplugs for additional protection.
MSA Industrial Grade 10004293 Dielectric Ear Muff EARMUFFS CHAINSAW             Tekk Protection 92059-80025T Earplug
MSA Ear Muff, Dielectric, Plastic, MSA, Series: Industrial Grade, 20 dB NRR, Black/Green, ANSI S3.19-1974, Used in Applications Such as Mowing/Trimming Lawn, Power Tool Use, Traffic and Office Noise or Sleeping in Noisy Rooms Oregon Ear Muff, Adjustable, Chainsaw, 27 dB NRR, Standards: ANSI S12.42-2010 Tekk Protection Earplug, Disposable, Series: 92059-80025T, 32 dB NRR, Foam, Orange/Purple
Tekk Protection 90561-00000T Adjustable Professional Earmuff Poulan Professional 531300089 Lightweight Hearing Protector E-A-Rsoft 310-1250 Earplug
Tekk Protection Professional Earmuff, Adjustable, Series: 90561-00000T, 30 dB NRR, Red?, For Protecting Ears Against Noises or Exceeding 85 Decibels Poulan Hearing Protector, Flexible Padded, Lightweight, Poulan, Series: Professional, 25 dB NRR, Over-the-Head Mounting E-A-Rsoft Earplug, Series: 310-1250, Regular, 33 dB NRR, Uncorded Cord, Tapered Shape, Polyurethane, Yellow Neon, CSA Certified Class AL
MSA SW10151070 Low Pressure Ear Plug EAR PLUGS FOAM BOX 200CT      MSA 10059494 Ear Plug
MSA Ear Plug, Low Pressure, Foam, MSA, 29 dB NRR, Includes: Dispenser Box, ANSI S3.19-1974, Used in Mowing/Trimming Lawn, Power Tool Use, Traffic and Office Noise or Sleeping in Noisy Rooms TEKK Protection Ear Plug, Disposable, Series: Classic, 29 dB NRR, Foam, Orange Display contains: 100 pair foam ear plugs. Soft, low ear pressure plugs are comfortable for a variety of activities. Foam rolls easily for insertion and once inserted, gently expands to fit ear canal for more comfort while providing protection.
MSA 10121816 Ear Muff 3M Tekk Protection Digital Worktunes 90541 Reusable Ear Muff HEARING PROTECTION BLUETOOTH
MSA Ear Muff, MSA, 21 dB NRR, ANSI S3.19-1974, CSA Z94.2-02, Class B, Used With AM/FM/MP3 3M Ear Muff, Fully Adjustable, Reusable, Soft Foam Ear Cushion/Stainless Steel Headband, 3M, Series: Tekk Protection, Digital Worktunes, 22 dB NRR, Black/Yellow, Includes: AM/FM Stereo, Antenna With High Reception Sensitivity, Stereo Input Jack With Patch Cord and (2) AA Batteries, ANSI S3.19-1974, LCD Display, 140 hr Operating Time Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24 dB; "Bluetooth" technology lets you seamlessly stream entertainment from your mobile phone and any other "Bluetooth" enabled device; high-fidelity speakers provide premium sound quality; integrated microphone lets you make and take phone calls without removing the ear protection; cord and antenna-free design lets you move easily on the job; simple single-button interface allows you to stay focused on the job; Audio Assist Technology provides operational and set-up guidance - without having to take off the headset; flexible headband with cutouts to improve comfort when worn with caps; lightweight, durable design is great for everyday use; soft, comfortable ear cushions and low-profile cups for a comfortable fit; two-hour auto shut-off with low battery indicator; built-in rechargeable battery; charging cord included; compatible with non-Bluetooth devices via 3.5m audio cable (not included); AC charging adaptor not included; device-compatible with standa
3M 1110 Tapered Ear Plug With Corded HEARING PROTECTION W/BLUETOOTH
3M Ear Plug, Tapered, Polyurethane Foam, 3M, 29 dB NRR, Orange, For Automotive, Construction Food and Beverage Manufacturing, General Manufacturing, Metal Fabrication, Military Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO), Mining, Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical and Transportation Safe volume control technology allows for increased volume, yet corrects to maintain safe levels over an 8 hour work day; audio assist technology provides setup operational guidance without having to remove the headset; features a rotary tuning dial so you can operate your Bluetooth wireless technology enabled device from the headset, eliminating cords; vented headband design with removable padding for use with hats; AM/FM digital radio with enhanced radio performance for clearer sound quality; saves up to 50 stations; noise reduction rating (NPR), 24dB.